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We have openings for FALL/WINTER LESSONS.  October to December

Call or E-mail today to sign up for summer lessons.

Our private music lessons are organized into terms or semesters that closely resemble that of a college course. Students may sign up for an available time slot at any point in the term, and once signed up, are expected to attend and pay for all classes until the end of that term. Cost is $20 per 30-minute lesson.


For more information regarding private lessons, feel free to view the documents below or give us a call at 402-379-5252.


Interested in taking lessons?

Midwest Music Center provides many types!​ We have 5 music studios located in the back of the music store where students can take lessons on any of these instruments:


*  Guitar

*  Bass Guitar

*  Drums

*  Piano

*  Violin


*  Ukulele 





Meet the Instructors!

View bios for each of our private music lesson instructors here! See what we have to offer, and let's get started! Music is the gift that lasts a lifetime!!

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