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with:  Megan Conner & Michael August

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Midwest Music Center is EXCITED to announce our third "Nashville to Norfolk" concert featuring singer/songwriters, Megan Conner & Michael August!   ​

“Nashville to Norfolk” is a new concert series that gives music lovers an opportunity to attend a type of show that is commonly seen around Nashville, TN.  The Singer/Songwriter shows are fun, intimate performances by people you don’t hear much about that are connected to the major hit songs you hear today on the radio.  The artist you hear singing the song may not be the actual writer of the song.  So during these performances, you get to hear the story about how the song came to be: the ideas, memories, and concepts of just how the song lyrics were brought to paper are very interesting and fun to hear about. ​

“Nashville to Norfolk” will take place in The Loft located in Historic Downtown Norfolk.  This reception hall is located directly above Midwest Music Center.  A limited number of people will be able to attend the event with tickets available for seating.  ​ Doors will open at 7:00pm on March 21st.  Show starts at 8:00pm.  Attendees must be 21 years of age and older.  This is because adult beverages will be served on the premises during this event. The Loft is handicapped accessible!!   ​ In memory of Norfolk native, Abby Nicole, $5 of every ticket sold will be donated to the Abby Nicole Uecker Benefit Fund. 

About:  Megan Conner 

“‘As simple as it sounds, we all must try to be the best person we can: by making the best choices, by making the most of the talents we’ve been given.’” A quote by Mary Lou Retton is what Megan Conner lives her life by. “A firecracker,” “raw emotion,” “pure energy,” all of these have been used to describe Megan. People who have seen her perform don’t forget it.

Megan has been writing for years and has had publishing deals both in Nashville and New York City, and is currently signed to Demolition Music in Nashville.  She has landed songs with Rascal Flatts, Chris Young, the Swon Brothers, Danny Gokey, Jonny Diaz, Canadian artist Jess Moskaluke, and many indie artists as well as TV and film placements.  She frequents LA to expand her pop catalog and has written across the world.  

No matter what Megan’s involvements have been, it always comes back to the music and affecting people. “I want to create music that moves people. I want to make people laugh, cry, FEEL… Music is life put to melody, so I hope that through my music, people can see who I am, what I’ve been through, and hopefully through mid that – they will find a piece of themselves in one of my songs.” Megan has a personal philosophy on which she is building her life and her career. “I hope to continue to grow while touching the lives of others through my music. No matter if there are 5,000 people or 5 people in the room that I’m performing in – if I connect with just one person, then I consider my job done.”


Megan was a major influence with Abby’s songwriting career.  When you are working in the music business, there are MANY paths of opportunity to take in Nashville.  Some good, and sadly, many bad. Megan was definitely someone that helped find the GREAT path. Abby trusted her with everything she did.  What many never knew was the amount of time Abby spent in songwriting sessions with other significant songwriters in the music business, with Megan being one of the best.  

Abby’s second single, “Back When We Were Burning”, was co-written by Megan.  This powerful, fiery song was definitely one of Abby’s favorites to perform live.  It is a rockin’ country song that Abby always described as having “more grit." The song has currently over 40,000 listens on Spotify and is a favorite request of one of Abby’s songs on the local radio stations.  

About:  Michael August

"Remember that kid that you hear about, the one that grew up in a music school, racing from room to room, banging on instruments, making the conservatory his playground?  I am that kid." 

Michael August grew up between the wood-laden walls of his family’s music school in New Jersey.  He is an energetic, powerful, and infectious songwriter and performer.  His music has generated a buzz on radio, TV and on live stages across the United States. As an independent touring artist, August released four independent albums, played countless sold-out shows at venues like the World Café Live in Philadelphia, The Bitter End in NYC, Bluebird Cafe in Nashville and many college campuses along the East Coast and Midwest.  

in 2013 August moved to Nashville and signed as a staff-writer with Demolition Music Publishing where he is currently writing for the Nashville and LA music markets amassing over 50+ songs recorded by other artists as well as numerous songs placed on Television and Film.  


Michael was also a major influence on Abby’s songwriting career.  Their song, “Here Comes Right Now” is the most recent song release from Abby Nicole.  It is a song that really expressed how she lived life. When performing live, she would introduce this song explain how it talks about living for today.  “Don’t miss out on the now”, as she would say. “If you're living for tomorrow, you’re missing out, ‘cause here comes right now, now” is a major line in the song that we all know Abby lived her life by.  

On the week prior to Abby’s funeral, Michael, Megan, and other studio musicians immediately went to the studio and completed the song “Here Comes Right Now”.   The lead vocal track was actually completed by Abby the December prior, and was a 1-take track she completed on her home computer.



*In loving memory of Abby Nicole, $5 of every ticket sold will be donated to the Abby Nicole Uecker Benefit Fund.

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